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Employment Philosophy

Bates Smart believes in its individuals. We support cultural diversity and aim to provide all of our employees with a challenging and exciting work environment. We strive to invest in our people and to bring out individual talents. We build trust and foster strong working relationships. We want to be the place where YOU want to work!

Professional/Career Development
Bates Smart is currently engaged in a number of exciting projects that have significant international presence. We provide a supportive office structure and offer a number of benefits to our staff. Working with us means having the opportunity for long-term career development, as we provide:

  • Variety of work to suit different interests, experience and goals, as well as the opportunity for individuals to move between different types of projects within the office.

Professional/Career Development

  • Training and development opportunities in the form of both in-house and external training courses and seminars. Many of our employees have had training in AutoCAD, Photoshop, MS Project, Business Writing, Green Star, and Revit. We are always open to suggestions!
  • Funding of architectural registration (tutorial, log book, registration exam, interview, initial application fee and annual registration fees are all taken care of by us).
  • Funding of professional subscriptions to the ARBV and the NSW ARB.
  • Inter-office exchanges between Melbourne and Sydney, and any international project offices.
  • Probationary and annual reviews for all staff, to review performance and identify future goals.
  • Paid study leave for permanent employees whose study is specifically related to their work at Bates Smart.

  • Opportunities for promotion to Associate or Associate Director Level.
  • The opportunity to mentor or to be mentored due to our extensive knowledge and skill base in the office.

Work and Family
Bates Smart understands that when it comes to employment, many people are seeking a better balance between their work and family life. We appreciate that it is not always easy to juggle both and keeping this in mind, we offer:

  • Paid maternity or adoption leave (up to 3 months) for permanent employees with 2 years continuous service.
  • Paid parental leave (up to 2 weeks) for permanent male employees (or female employees who choose to work) with 2 years continuous service to take any time within the baby’s first year.
  • A keep in touch program for parents on leave.

Health and Wellbeing
Bates Smart wants healthy and happy employees! We know that it can be hard to find a balance between health and wellbeing and work. To combat this, we provide:

  • A social program that includes activities such as fortnightly presentations, a Melbourne-based soccer league, Friday morning muffins, monthly staff birthday celebrations, Friday night drinks, an annual international food day, bike-rides, themed-Christmas parties and many other interesting events!
  • Funded Flu Vaccinations
  • Fresh fruit supplied to the office twice weekly.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Bates Smart believes it is important to contribute back to society. We genuinely care for our clients, employees and the wider community that we are a part of. We support this with:

  • Charity donations each month, towards charities suggested by our employees.
  • Fundraising events including activities such as the Around the Bay Bikeride, the RSCPA Million Paws Walk, MOvember and Ride and Walk to Work Days.
  • A concern for the environment that embraces recycling in the workplace and offering a range of environmentally friendly office products, and extends to the way we design buildings.
  • Ecological sustainable development (ESD) in our work methods. We also have a team of employees dedicated to championing ESD as a fundamental component in our business planning and decision making.

  • Green star professional accreditation for our employees so they have a comprehensive understanding of the Green Star rating system, both in terms of content and its practical application to design and construction projects.